The Australian Open gets February start as the virus strikes the second season Slam

The Australian Open was postponed on February 8 on Thursday after weeks of negotiations while the coronavirus disturbance strikes a second large Slam tennis season.

The qualifications of men will take place in Doha but Australia will organize a series of accumulation events. Including ATP’s flagship cup, men’s ATP trick said, announcing its schedule at the beginning of the 2021.

The period of three weeks at the opening of the Grande Slam of The season comes after the cancellation of Wimbledon this year was canceled – for the first time since the World War II – the French opening was postponed and the United States opened were played behind closed doors.

Fans should be allowed in MelbourNe Park, the tournament place, as the coronavirus is under control in Australia, but players will need 14 days of quarantine.

Confirmation of laals dates from 8 to 21 February present prolonged talks between Tennis Australia and State authorities in Melbourne, which emerged from a month’s locking in October following a second Wave of Covid-19.

Originally from the beginning of January 18, players will now arrive in Australia from January 15 to serve two weeks in a bio-security bubble, many of whom came from countries where the pandemic is always raging.

Previous reports announced that it would remain in designated hotels but to be allowed to practice and exerciseFor five hours a day, navalized between their accommodation and the Melbourne Park.

ATP stated that the qualifications of men for the Grand Chelam are from 10 to 13 January in Doha, before players and limited support staff moves to Australia.

A minimal, 12-Team ATP Cup, the Relocated Adelaide tournament and an ATP 250 tournament will be held in Melbourne in front of Slam which is now expected from February 8 to 21

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