Australian open time “very likely”

The Australian opening is likely to be delayed by one week or two as negotiation between the organizers, tennis visits and the Victoria government on health measures, the Minister of State Sports announced on Wednesday

Tennis Australia (TA). Rejected as “speculation”, a report that Greater Slam would be dismissed from 18 January to 31 January during the schedule.

There are a number of potential dates on the table “,” Victorian Sports and Tourist Minister Martin Pakula told reporters in Melbourne.

“I have seen reports that suggest that it should be delayed by one week or two. I think it’s still probably the most likely.

” But it does not is not theonly option. As you know, the French opening has been delayed by several months and Wimbledon has not at all at all. I am always about, it is much more likely that it is a shorter delay rather than longer.

The Prime Minister of Victoria Dan Andrews, who celebrated Wednesday the 25th day of the state without a new Covid-19 affair, said he was confident the tournament would go forward, but that Players should undergo a quarantine

“We will have an Australian open tennis tournament … but [that] will have to look different,” said Andrews

. 123] “The rest of the world is on fire, there will be some forty for anyone who coming to our city and our state, there is no way to do it. I think the holdNerier will be close to normal timing, these details are finalized.

“As important as a tennis tournament is, we are not going to compromise our coronavirus state of nothing but the highest standards.”
Negotiations with the authorities Sanitary on the details of this quarantine have been close to the conclusion, said Pakula

“Quarantine requirements will be those who are finally congregated by public health [authorities], then will be a case for the ‘ATP and WTA about whether they are acceptable or not acceptable, “added Pakula.

” An extremely rigorous test scheme will apply to players before leaving the port they come from and when they arrive. “

Australian open tournament Craig Tile said in a declaration Sunday, he was confident that he could announce the details of the health measures “soon”

plans to move all Open Australian accumulation tournaments, Included ATP Cup, Victoria cities around the country.

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