Huobi Mobile Launches USDT Standard Positive Perpetual Contract

Huobi Mobile launched USDT standard perpetual contract, supporting Android and iOS platforms. The Huobi USDT standard perpetual contract is a positive contract, that is, a stable currency contract. It uses stable currency (USDT) as the collateral. There is no delivery date. The settlement is performed every 8 hours. The maximum leverage is 125 times. Users holding USDT can Trading multiple types of contracts without having to exchange into other digital assets can save the wear and tear and time cost…

Data: Tether issued an additional 150 million USDT on the Ethereum network

According to Whale Alert monitoring, Tether issued an additional 150 million USDT on the Ethereum network early this morning. In this regard, Tether Chief Technology Officer Paolo Ardoino said that the Ethereum network has replenished 150 million USDT inventory, which is an authorized but unissued transaction.

OKEx platform weekly report: Derivatives trading volume increased by 14% month-on-month, and the average daily BTC contract holdings were US$1.024 billion

According to OKEx’s latest platform operation weekly report, during the week from October 26 to November 1, the trading volume of OKEx derivatives was 33.44 billion USDT, an increase of 14% from the previous month. The average daily interest of BTC contracts on the OKEx platform was US$1.024 billion, month-on-month. An increase of 6.33%. Glassnode data shows that as of November 1, the BTC wallet balance on the OKEx chain was 219,200, and the weekly new inflow was 14,700, the…

Huobi officially stated that everything is normal on the platform, and the 100 million USDT previously transferred has been returned to Huobi

According to Whale Alert, nearly 100 million USDT previously transferred to the Bitfinex exchange has been returned to the Huobi exchange. Huobi officials previously stated that the current Huobi platform is operating normally, user assets are safe, and transactions, deposits and withdrawals are operating normally.

Huobi USDT’s OTC price dropped to 6.31 yuan, a 5% discount

According to the Huobi App, the OTC transaction price of USDT once dropped to 6.31 yuan, which is about 5% discount to the US dollar exchange rate of 6.68 yuan.

On-chain data: Huobi address transfers approximately 100 million USDT to Bitfinex within 30 minutes

According to Whale Alert, the address labeled Huobi Exchange frequently transfers several USDT transactions within 30 minutes to the address labeled Bitfinex, with a total amount of approximately US$100 million, completed through the TRON blockchain. In addition, Huobi address also transferred more than 10 million USDC to FTX address. Du Jun responded that everything is normal for Huobi, “User asset security is the first priority. Welcome to test deposit and withdrawal.”

Harvest Finance’s compensation vote supports the creation of tradable IOU tokens for compensation

DeFi agreement Harvest Finance tweeted that the compensation voting for USDC/USDT depositors has ended. 71.93% of voting users support the creation of a tradable IOU token for compensation and have their own Uniswap market. The next vote will focus on the Uniswap market for IOU tokens (IOU/FARM or IOU/USDC). Chain Wen previously reported that on October 26, the Harvest Finance project was hacked. As the attackers repeatedly used the impermanent losses of USDC and USDT in the Y pool on…

Xiao Sa: Domestically engaging in USDT exchange business may constitute an illegal business crime

Xiao Sa, a partner of Beijing Dacheng Law Firm, wrote an article that USDT is issued by an unofficial entity, with the nature of legal currency, and there is a virtual currency that may replace legal currency in circulation. Conducting USDT exchange business in China may constitute the crime of illegal business operations as stipulated in Article 225 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. The third and fourth provisions of the article: “If one of the…

Tether added 600 million USDT to the ERC20 USDT pre-issuance pool, bringing the total to 1.44 billion USDT

The Beijing Chainsmap monitoring system found that at around 0 am Beijing time on October 29th, Tether added 4 batches of USDT to the ERC20 USDT pre-issuance pool in units of 150 million USDT, a total of 600 million USDT, and then Tether actually completed the issuance of 150 million ERC20 USDT. After the above operations, the remaining amount of Tether ERC20 USDT pre-issuance pool is 1.44 billion USDT. These USDT additional issuance orders may be executed irregularly in the…

Huobi will launch USDT standard perpetual contract at 14:00 on October 26

According to the official website announcement, Huobi Contract will officially launch the USDT standard perpetual contract at 14:00 on October 26 (including Web and API). The USDT standard perpetual contract types launched on October 26 include: BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, LINK, DOT, UNI, FIL, YFI and BNB.