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Decentralized synthetic asset agreement UMA announces the start of developer mining

Decentralized Synthetic Assets Agreement UMA announced the launch of developer mining activities. It plans to allocate 35% of UMA token supply, which belongs to the community token distribution category. The current value is more than 250 million US dollars. Starting from November 10th, the Risk Labs Foundation will pay 50,000 UMAs (worth more than US$300,000) to developers responsible for casting synthesizers in proportion to each week, and distribute the ownership of the agreement to developers based on the agreement. Developer…

Lightning Labs launches liquidity market on Lightning Network Lightning Pool

Lightning Labs launched the peer-to-peer non-custodial liquidity market Lightning Pool, which converts Lightning Network liquidity into tradable assets, which can be used to buy and sell channels for Lightning node operators, and allows instant acceptance of Lightning payments and access to Lightning Network Sell ​​liquidity to earn Bitcoin income. With Lightning Pool, lightning services and node operators can simplify their channel management and focus on building and providing services to their customers without worrying about liquidity.

KavaTipBot supports the use of KAVA, USDX and HARD tokens for tipping on Twitter and Telegram

Kava Labs tweeted that KavaTipBot, a tipping tool in the Kava ecosystem, allows users to send three tokens, KAVA, USDX and HARD, to friends on Twitter and Telegram as tips.

ETC Labs will cooperate with Chainsafe to launch the ETC cross-chain asset rETC

ETC Labs will cooperate with Chainsafe to launch the cross-chain asset rETC next month. Users who hold ETC assets can lock their assets through smart contracts on the Ethereum classic blockchain, and get the corresponding asset rETC on the Ethereum blockchain, and then participate in the ETH ecological project through rETC.

ETC Labs builds ETC Bridge based on Polkadot

At the Web3 conference hosted by the Web3 Foundation on October 30, ETC Labs announced that it is developing the Polkadot-based ETC Bridge. ETC Bridge will enable ETC assets and Polkadot assets to circulate across the chain, and even in the future, it can communicate with other Polkadot ecological blockchains in the form of a bridge chain as a parachain.

Reflexer Labs launched the prototype demo of the first reflexive index product RAI

DeFi project Reflexer Labs announced the launch of the first Ethereum-backed asset Proto RAI. Proto RAI (PRAI) is an unreviewed prototype demo of the upcoming reflexive index product RAI mainnet, allowing users to deposit Wrapped ETH into smart contracts and open A new position named “Safe” is managed and priced by the original version of the on-chain automated PID controller. The purpose of this demo is to test and improve tools and smart contracts, guide a group of initial liquidators…

Polkadot ecological data infrastructure project Kylin Network received Web3 fund support

The blockchain ecological data infrastructure project Kylin Network has been reviewed by the Web3 Foundation and officially approved to enter the eighth batch of funding projects. Kylin Network built by Kylin Labs aims to establish a cross-chain platform on the Polkadot network to empower the data economy. With the support of the Polkadot ecology, the Off-chain Worker module under the Substrate 2.0 framework will be further expanded and enhanced, and data access, query, exchange, analysis and other functions will be…

Filecoin development team Protocol Labs and Internet Archive collaborate to launch Filecoin Archives

The Filecoin development team Protocol Labs and Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library, collaborated to launch Filecoin Archives, which allows the preservation of information and data sets. Users can participate in a variety of ways, including suggesting storable information, uploading data directly to the Internet Archive for archiving, saving data as a Filecoin node, and obtaining FIL rewards through shared storage space.

Song Xiaodong, founder of Oasis Labs: Mixing the three functions of consensus, computing and storage will bring scalability bottlenecks

Song Xiaodong, a professor at the University of California at Berkeley and the founder and CEO of Oasis Labs, said in a speech at the 6th Blockchain Global Summit hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Laboratory that DeFi is mainly on Ethereum. The scalability and throughput bottlenecks pose very big challenges, such as high gas fees. There is no privacy protection in the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure, but privacy protection is necessary and very important as financial applications go wider. First of all,…

Kava Labs passed the third CertiK audit to verify the credibility of Harvest.io

Kava Labs, a cross-chain DeFi lending platform, has audited the code system of the Harvest module through CertiK and successfully verified the credibility of the application. CertiK conducted a comprehensive inspection of Harvest.io using dynamic analysis, static analysis and manual review techniques. Special attention was paid to the following points during the audit: Testing smart contracts against common and uncommon attack vectors; evaluating the code base to ensure compliance with current best practices and industry standards; ensuring that the contract…