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DeFi protocol B.Protocol locks 6,300 ETH 6 days after launching on the Ethereum mainnet

The DeFi protocol B.Protocol locked 6,300 ETH and loaned 1.1 million DAI six days after it went live on the mainnet. In addition, 70 coffers were imported or managed on the protocol. According to official information, in addition to MakerDAO, B.Protocol will soon integrate Compound and Aave. As noted by the chain, B.Protocol was officially launched on the Ethereum mainnet on October 27th. B.Protocol users can get more benefits through its MakerDAO vault. Specifically, users who use the B.Protocol smart…

MakerDAO will include the poll on whether to add PAXG and GUSD as Dai collateral into the voting system

MakerDAO will include two governance polls on whether to add PAXG (PAX Gold) and GUSD (Gemini USD) as Dai collateral into the voting system.

MakerDAO incorporates a series of governance polls into the voting system

The temporary risk team of the Maker Foundation incorporated a series of governance polls into the voting system, as follows: 1. Conduct community polls to decide whether to give priority to UNI (Uniswap), cUSDC (Compound USDC cToken), yUSD (yyCRV) and CRO (Crypto.com Coin) etc. as MakerDAO collateral; 2. Conduct monthly MIP governance voting; 3. Do you support adding B.Protocol to the ETHUSD Oracle Medianizer whitelist? 4. Whether to support appending B.Protocol to the ETHUSD Oracle Security Module whitelist. 5. Whether…

The zero-knowledge proof-based decentralized game “Dark Forest” version 0.4 migrated to the sidechain xDAI, and the peak gas consumption exceeded the entire Ethereum network

The decentralized real-time strategy (RTS) game “Dark Forest” (Dark Forest) built based on the zero-knowledge proof technology zkSNARKS has recently been updated to version 0.4. It has migrated from the testnet of the Ethereum main chain to the side chain xDAI. The official stated that the game will be played in recent days Occupies 80% of the transaction volume of the xDAI network. Gas consumption during the peak period exceeds the entire Ethereum main network. In this version, users do…

Report: Under the DeFi boom, more than 9 billion U.S. dollars of funds flowed into USDT, USDC, DAI and WBTC

CoinGecko released the third quarter crypto market report. The main points of the report are as follows: 1. The total market value and trading volume of the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market increased by 31% and 34% respectively in the third quarter; 2. Driven by the DeFi boom, a total of more than 9 billion US dollars of funds in the third quarter Inflows into USDT, USDC, DAI and WBTC. Among them, the market value of USDT alone…

The 310,000 DAI of DeFi Saver users were exhausted. DeFi Saver admitted that it was related to the exchange vulnerability reported in June and stated that the funds are safe

The decentralized wallet imToken tweeted that users reported that 310,000 DAI had been exhausted, which was related to the DeFi Saver Exchange vulnerability. imToken recommends that DeFi Saver, an automated management system for CDP, immediately destroy the contract to recover user funds. imToken stated that its security team is investigating the incident and trying to troubleshoot all affected user wallets and issue a warning. DeFi Saver responded that this part of the funds is safe and is contacting affected users….

Asset management agreement ZETA launches the first yVault-based combined token ZUSD

Asset management agreement ZETA announced the launch of the first yVault-based combined token ZUSD. ZUSD uses Chainlink oracles, which is a combination of assets such as DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, etc., to create a stable and profit-maximizing ETF. The chain notes that ZETA is an asset management protocol built on top of the DeFi aggregation protocol yearn.finance.

The class action lawsuit filed by the victims of the Maker liquidation incident enters the arbitration process

In “3·12 Black Thursday”, the class action lawsuit filed by Peter Johnson, the victim of the Maker liquidation incident, has officially entered the arbitration process. Chain News previously reported that the plaintiff, Peter Johnson, an early investor in Ethereum, proposed a class action lawsuit seeking to initiate a claim of more than 28 million U.S. dollars from the Maker Foundation and its members. The lawsuit alleges that the Maker Foundation failed to protect the interests of investors, causing some investors…

Data: The total supply of multi-collateral Dai in the Maker agreement exceeds 900 million

The total supply of multi-collateral Dai in the Maker agreement exceeds 900 million, of which the total amount of Dai generated by mortgage USDC-A is 386 million, accounting for 42.74%, and the total amount of Dai generated by mortgage ETH-A is 347 million. It accounts for 38.49%.

Set Protocol introduces liquidity agent mining on its asset management automation platform TokenSets

Set Protocol, a decentralized asset management protocol, announced the introduction of liquidity mining on its asset management automation platform TokenSets. The first strategy is ETH USD liquidity mining (ETH USD Yield Farm), which can be exchanged for ETH/DAI on Uniswap To provide liquidity for automatic mining of Uniswap token UNI, the proceeds will be reinvested into this strategy. Set Protocol stated that it will expand the liquidity mining strategy to all ETH/stable coins and ETH/Bitcoin trading pairs in the future….