Day: October 26, 2020

DeversiFi is upgrading to StarkEx 2.0 and will add new features for fast withdrawal

The zero-knowledge proof research and development agency StarkWare stated on Twitter that the decentralized exchange DeversiFi is being upgraded to StarkEx 2.0, which runs on Cairo, which is the Turing complete framework of STARKs. A new feature of this upgrade is fast withdrawal, which can withdraw funds from L2 to any L1 address within blockchain time.

Hardware wallet provider Ledger suffered a malicious phishing attack

The chain heard the news. Ledger, a hardware wallet manufacturer, recently suffered a phishing attack. Some users received e-mails with phishing software, resulting in financial losses. The hacker attack may be related to the company’s user data breach in July 2020. Ledger then warned its users to be vigilant and verify the requests received. As of now, the phishing website has been closed.

Data: After the rainy season, the computing power of Bitcoin’s entire network has dropped significantly

According to data from the block explorer, as of 19:00 on October 26, Beijing time, the average computing power of the entire network dropped to 115.95 EH/s in the last day. Affected by this, it is expected that the next time the entire network will be more difficult The drop. The top 15 mining pool rankings showed a downward trend in computing power. The decline in the computing power of the entire network this time was due to the…

Slow fog: A brief analysis of Harvest.Finance’s hack

According to the analysis of the SlowMist security team, the Lightning Loan attack on the Harvest Finance project is mainly divided into the following steps: 1. The attacker transfers 20 ETH through as a follow-up attack fee; 2. The attacker borrows a huge amount through UniswapV2 lightning loan USDC and USDT; 3. The attacker first uses Curve’s exchange_underlying function to change USDT to USDC, and then the investedUnderlyingBalance in the Curve yUSDC pool will be correspondingly smaller. 4. Then…

Gavin Wood: Parachain 1.0 code may be online in two weeks

Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, said that the Polkadot Parachain 1.0 code may be launched in two weeks, and a new version of the Rococo testnet based on this version will also be released soon. It also pointed out that Polkadot’s Parathreads product will go online at some point after the parachain is launched. Parathreads and Parachain have exactly the same API, which can fully interoperate with Parachain, and Parathreads and Parachain can be converted into each other. Unlike…

The first CFD DEX CFDT will be built on the Ethereum Classic main chain

Based on the DeFi ecosystem, the first CFD DEX CFDT will be built on the Ethereum Classic main chain. Users can participate in CFD mining by staking a certain percentage of ETC.

Investor Roundtable: The future development of DeFi can focus on derivatives landing, aggregation, compliance, digital identity, etc.

In the “IOSG DeFi Summit 2020” theme round table, in response to the “unresolved issues, core concerns and future views in the development of DeFi”, FBG Capital founder Zhou Shuoji said that now DeFi mainly focuses on derivatives and the implementation of derivatives. Because there are now many projects that are trying, such as the introduction of a single LP derivative design. The second is aggregation, focusing on the liquidation link and preventing attacks. The second is depth. In addition,…

SlowMist Security Reminder: Exchanges and related wallets must be alert to Filecoin fake top-up attacks

The SlowMist security team recently captured a fake FIL recharge attack on an exchange. After analysis, it was found that because the transactions on the Filecoin chain have multiple transaction status and types, the exchange did not verify all relevant fields when processing user recharge It may lead to a successful counterfeit recharge attack, resulting in a loss of funds. The SlowMist security team reminded exchanges and related wallet parties that Filecoin is a new type of blockchain project with…

Report: 36% of European professional investors buy digital currency

Cointelegraph Consulting’s latest research report “Discovering Institutions’ Needs for Digital Assets” pointed out that the total assets under management of the 55 portfolio allocators participating in the survey exceeded 719 billion Euros, which is almost twice the total market value of the digital asset market. Among these professional investors, 36% of their investment portfolios have involved blockchain-related assets. These investments are made through direct investments in cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and security tokens, or through funds, structured products or futures.

Binance Launchpad will launch decentralized games and NFT projects Axie Infinity

Binance Launchpad will soon launch the decentralized game and NFT project Axie Infinity (AXS), and open the BNB special session. This time, it will be based on the lottery lottery model. Binance will allocate lottery numbers based on the average daily BNB holdings of users on the 7th. The BNB holding snapshot period of this Launchpad project is from 08:00 am on October 27th to 08:00 am on November 3rd, 2020. Axie Infinity is committed to creating a digital pet…