Day: August 10, 2020

Dfinity will hold the last online launch conference of the testnet SODIUM at the end of September

The decentralized computing platform Dfinity announced that it will hold an online conference on September 30, the last test network SODIUM (sodium) before the mainnet. In this version, the neural network system (NNS) will be disclosed for the first time and the new algorithm governance module will be demonstrated. At the same time, it will also explain the complexity of DeFi (decentralized finance) and discuss the economic model of Internet computers. Dfinity will release more details of this event in…

Tether is about to migrate 500 million USDT from TRON to the Ethereum network

The stablecoin issuer Tether announced that it will work with third parties to migrate USDT assets in the next few hours. A total of 500 million USDT will be migrated from TRON to the Ethereum network. During this process, the total issuance of USDT will remain unchanged.

The WSOT World Trading Competition has officially opened, with a total prize pool of up to 80 BTC

The WSOT World Trading Competition officially opened at 18:00 today, with a total prize pool of 80 BTC. Currently, the number one team is Crypto Zoo in the Japanese region with a yield of 102.45%, the second is Youtuber BITJIN in the Korean region with a yield of 70.12%, and the third is Apocalypse Capital in the Chinese-speaking region with a yield of 61.57. %. As a series of events in the global digital asset field, WSOT is currently the…

Binance Futures will list BTC/USD up to 125 times currency standard reverse perpetual contract

Binance will launch the BTC/USD currency-based perpetual contract at 15:00 on August 11, and open the 1-125 times leverage autonomous adjustment function. The BTC/USD currency-standard perpetual contract is a reverse contract that uses BTC as a margin.

Binance will list token YFI

Binance announced that it will launch (YFI) on August 10th at 20:00 (Hong Kong time), and open YFI/BNB, YFI/BTC, YFI/BUSD, YFI/USDT trading markets. At the same time, YFI’s listing fee is 0 BNB. Chain Wen previously reported that yearn (YFI) founder Andre Cronje tweeted today that he has no interest in YFI’s launch of a centralized exchange. It believes that apart from the legal currency channel, centralized exchanges have almost no added value to DeFi.

OpenZeppelin’s smart contract development library will be migrated to Solidity version 0.7

OpenZeppelin Contracts, the smart contract development library of OpenZeppelin, a blockchain development tool provider, announced that it will migrate to the latest version 0.7 of the smart contract programming language Solidity. A special version of Solidity 0.7 based on the latest version of OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.1 has been released. OpenZeppelin said that Solidity 0.7 is a breakthrough change, but it has not yet decided how to adapt to the version rules of OpenZeppelin Contracts and how to support the continued…

Bitcoin is expected to adjust the difficulty in the early morning of tomorrow, and the difficulty of the entire network may increase by more than 1%

According to OKLink data from OKLink, Bitcoin is expected to adjust its difficulty at 1:00 am on August 11, and the difficulty of the entire network may increase by 1.36% to 17.08T.

The founder of yearn proposes to pay operating expenses before using system rewards for governance purposes

Yearn (YFI) founder Andre Cronje said that considering that system rewards can fully cover operating expenses, and there is no need to issue additional YFIs immediately, it is recommended to use system rewards for governance purposes before paying for audits, deployment costs, etc. Operating expenses. However, it remains to be voted on whether to allocate system rewards as operating expenses. Voting will take place this week. The favor plan is to use rewards to pay for operating expenses, rather than…

Decentralized RTS game “Dark Forest” based on zero-knowledge proof goes live on Ethereum testnet

Based on the zero-knowledge proof technology zkSNARKS, the decentralized real-time strategy (RTS) game “Dark Forest” (Dark Forest) has been launched on the Ethereum testnet. The Dark Forest is an MMO space conquest game. Players discover and conquer planets in an infinite, procedurally generated, cryptographically specific universe. The developer said that the final officially launched Dark Forest universe is long-lasting, but the current test The version of the universe will be refreshed regularly, and the name of the game comes from…

Filecoin will implement EIP1559 in the next testnet reset, trying to improve auction efficiency

Jeromy Johnson, the research and development engineer of the distributed storage project Filecoin, said on Twitter that the next testnet reset of Filecoin will implement the functions of the Ethereum improvement proposal EIP1559, which will significantly enhance the efficiency of block space auctions, and look forward to it. To the performance under real pressure. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin once said that the EIP1559 proposal can alleviate the gas price problem in the short-term, but the real solution is to improve…