Day: July 27, 2020

Bitcoin broke through $11,000, hitting a new high in nearly a year

According to the OKEx market, Bitcoin rose by nearly US$1,100 in early trading, broke US$11,300 in the short term, hitting a new high in nearly a year and rising by more than 12% in 24 hours. Lianwen reminds investors to control market risks.

Polkadot DOT confirmed that it will be split 100 times, the transfer function will be opened on August 18

Polkadot announced that the voting for the DOT token split has officially ended, and the final result is that the community agreed to split DOT into 100 times the original amount, which is a total of 1 billion DOT. In addition, the DOT transfer function will be opened on August 18, and the DOT split 100 times will be executed on August 21.

Switcheo will launch a new version of Tradehub on August 12, early participation in staking yields 100%

Decentralized exchange Switcheo announced that it will officially start Tradehub Phase 0 on August 12, allowing SWTH to participate in network governance and pledge. Participate in the pledge within the first 8 weeks, and the return rate is 100%. In addition, Switcheo tokens will also change from a deflationary model to an inflation model. The total amount will be increased from 1 billion to 2.16 billion, and the distribution is planned to be completed within 5 years. Chain Wen Note:…

Crypto-friendly bank Silvergate releases financial report, digital currency fee income increased by 119% year-on-year

The crypto-friendly bank Silvergate submitted its financial report data for the second quarter of this year to U.S. regulators. The Silvergate transaction network (SEN), located in the digital currency platform business, grew significantly in the second quarter. The number of transactions and transaction volume increased by 28% and 29% year-on-year. Currency fee income increased by 119% year-on-year to US$2.4 million, and it also increased by 41% month-on-month. Chain Wen Note: In addition to providing traditional banking services for cryptocurrency companies,…

Matrixport will launch derivatives exchange next month

Singaporean blockchain company Matrixport said on Twitter that it will launch a new domain name and product According to Wu said on the blockchain report, plans to launch a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. It will launch a BTC/USD perpetual contract on August 3 and launch BTC options on August 17.

FTX will airdrop 5% of the total SRM tokens to FTT holders

The cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX announced on Twitter that it plans to distribute 5% of the total amount of the Serum project’s native token SRM to FTT holders. The specific details will be made public after Serum goes online. Chain Wen Note: Serum is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project launched by FTX and Alameda Research founder Sam Bankman-Fried. It is a decentralized exchange (DEX) based on the public chain project Solana.

dForce’s proposal to adjust the USDx reserve component currency has been passed and will take effect on July 30

The decentralization protocol dForce announced that the improvement proposal DIP003 to adjust the USDx reserve component currency has been passed and will come into effect on July 30th. The implementation process of the component currency adjustment plan is as follows: 1. Before 6:00 pm on July 30, users have the right to destroy USDx through the minting agreement and get one back according to the weight before adjustment (35% USDC + 35% PAX + 30% TUSD) The composition of the…

Twitch offers 10% discount to subscribers paying with cryptocurrency through BitPay

Amazon’s game live broadcast platform Twitch will provide a 10% discount to subscribers who pay using cryptocurrency through BitPay’s payment service. BitPay is a blockchain payment service provider that supports cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin.

Ripple will launch Payburner, a peer-to-peer payment platform based on XRP. Beta version has been released

Ripple’s product director announced on Twitter the beta version of Payburner, a peer-to-peer payment platform based on XRP. Users can use browser plug-ins to implement PayID payment, PayID network search and other functions.

Decentralized exchange Tokenlon’s single-day trading volume exceeds 10 million U.S. dollars

According to imToken data, the daily trading volume of Tokenlon, a decentralized exchange, has exceeded 10 million U.S. dollars. Since Tokenlon went online in August 2019, the accumulated transaction amount has reached nearly 500 million US dollars. According to Dune Analytics data, since this year, Tokenlon’s transaction volume has reached 330 million U.S. dollars, and the daily transaction volume has repeatedly broken new highs. Tokenlon said that it will launch an anniversary event with no fees for the whole audience…