Day: July 22, 2020

Cross-chain solution Ren and Acala reached a cooperation to explore the introduction of Bitcoin into the Polkadot ecosystem

A cross-chain solution for decentralized assets Ren has reached a cooperation with the decentralized financial project Acala. The two parties will explore the introduction of Bitcoin and other isolated asset classes into the Acala network and the Polkadot ecosystem. Ren will deploy the RenVM chain bridge module on the Acala network, and renBTC can be generated on the Acala network. renBTC can be used to generate collateral for aUSD; it can be used as DOT, LDOT, ACA and other token…

Ant Group plans to announce a blockchain upgrade plan

According to the Shanghai Securities Report, Ant Group plans to announce a blockchain upgrade plan. In the invitation letter titled “Linking Everything, Infinite Future”, Ant Group Chairman Jing Xiandong and Ant Group Vice President and President of Intelligent Technology Business Group Jiang Guofei will jointly attend the blockchain upgrade release and sign relevant strategic agreements.

Shanghai Jing’an Blockchain Ecological Valley has been included in the Shanghai Science and Technology Plan

According to a report from People’s Daily Online, Shanghai Jing’an District will focus on technological innovation in Shibei High-tech Park and vigorously promote new technologies and industries represented by big data cloud computing. Last month, the blockchain ecological valley jointly created by Jing’an, Shanghai Academy of Sciences and Huawei was officially unveiled. At present, the park has been included in the “Shanghai City Master Plan (2017-2035)” in the city’s science and technology innovation plan, and is striving to become the…

Deutsche Telekom subsidiary T-Systems becomes Chainlink node operator

T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, has become the node operator of Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network. T-System will provide reliable off-chain data for users in the Chainlink network and decentralized applications on Ethereum, and promote the innovation of public chain application scenarios and the development of decentralized finance.

The decentralized service platform Avalanche raised a total of US$42 million in public offerings. The mainnet is expected to go live before the end of August

The decentralized service platform Avalanche (AVAX) announced the results of the token public offering at 22:00 on July 15. AVAX will be distributed when the Avalanche mainnet is launched, and it is expected that the mainnet will go live before the end of August.

SWINGBY will be listed on BitMax exchange, Swingby stated that BitMax is the only designated cooperative trading platform

BitMax will launch the decentralized custody project Swingby token SWINGBY at 22:00 on July 24th, Beijing time, and open SWINGBY/USDT subscription. In order to protect the interests of Swingby followers, the Swingby team issued a statement stating that BitMax is the only official cooperative trading platform for Swingby. The Swingby team has not cooperated with any other trading platforms. There are currently no circulating SWINGBY tokens, and any other trading platforms have released any Events and news are not officially…

Twitter takes the initiative to report hacking incidents to EU data protection agencies

According to Bloomberg reports, Twitter has taken the initiative to report to the EU data protection agency the incident that it had previously been hacked. Graham Doyle, spokesperson for the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), the EU data protection agency, said that the regulator has received notification of the incident and is evaluating it. Twitter is still investigating and evaluating how the attack was carried out, but it did not disclose whether other information in the account (such as private…

Prime Factor Capital, the UK’s first compliant cryptocurrency hedge fund, is about to close

According to Financial News, people familiar with the matter revealed that Prime Factor Capital, the UK’s first compliant cryptocurrency hedge fund, is currently in the process of splitting its business. Nic Niedermowwe, CEO of Prime Factor, said that although the fund’s monthly average performance exceeds 4%, the fund is being scaled down due to insufficient demand from institutional investors. People familiar with the matter said the fund has been working hard to raise funds and has tried to sell shares…

Three financial industry standards including the “Financial Technology Innovation Application Test Specification” have reached the stage of submission for review

The Daily Economic News reporter was informed that the three financial industry standards, the “Financial Technology Innovation Application Test Specification”, the “FinTech Innovation Safety General Specification”, and the “Financial Technology Innovation Risk Monitoring Specification”, have gone through the drafting and comment drafting stages. Form a standard draft for review. The Secretariat of the National Financial Standardization Technical Committee invites all committee members to review the standard submission materials and complete online voting before September 22, 2020. In March of this… No. 0 governance proposal has ended, and the total amount of governance token YFI is not limited to 30,000

Andre Cronje launched the DeFi aggregation revenue agreement’s governance token YFI. The governance proposal No. 0 has ended, with 4.93 million votes against and 7.73 million votes in favor. The total amount of YFI tokens is not limited to 30,000. As of press time, the current governance proposals on the project token mechanism have increased by about 4. Coingecko research analyst and one of the signatories of community governance, Dary Lau stated that the community will continue to…