Day: July 21, 2020

Blockchain service network BSN integrates six public chains including Ethereum, Nervos, NEO, and IRISnet

According to Coindesk, the blockchain service network BSN announced the integration of six public chains including Ethereum, Nervos, Tezos, NEO, EOS, and IRISnet. Starting from August 10, developers of these six blockchain platforms will be able to pass The data storage and bandwidth of BSN overseas data centers build DApps and run nodes. BSN said that global users will be able to access domestic enterprise chains and financial data through the BSN cross-chain structure and the partnership with China UnionPay….

Lightnet CEO: Lightnet will adopt blockchain technology and cooperate with chain convenience stores to improve cross-border remittance business

Tridbodi Arunanondchai, CEO of Lightnet Group, addressed topics related to how cryptocurrencies play a role in the cross-border remittance market at the 2020 Asian Blockchain Summit, and said that Lightnet has improved through cooperation with major cross-border remittance organizations and chain convenience stores. The lives of people in this area who cannot enjoy banking services have made it easier for more people to obtain funds by increasing the locations of cash withdrawals. He also said that blockchain technology plays an…

Stock and crypto trading platform Robinhood announces indefinite postponement of related business in the UK

According to CNBC, San Francisco-based stock and cryptocurrency trading platform Robinhood announced an indefinite postponement of the release of its stock trading application in the UK and continues to focus on the US domestic market. Robinhood will close its UK website soon, and customers’ email addresses will be deleted from the company’s system to protect users’ privacy. The company plans to transfer most of its 10 employees in the UK to the US team, and the others will be fired….

Bitcoin continues to strengthen, short-term breakthrough 9400 USDT

According to the OKEx market, Bitcoin broke through 9400 USDT to above the 50-day moving average (currently near 9340 USDT) in the short-term. The short-term highest reached 9415 USDT and temporarily reported 9401 USDT, a new high in the past two weeks. Lianwen reminds investors to control market risks.

The Central Bank of Jamaica invites technology companies to test CBDC in the regulatory sandbox

The Central Bank of Jamaica invites technology solution providers to develop and test central bank digital currency (CBDC) solutions in its recently established regulatory sandbox. The sandbox provides a controlled environment in which innovations in financial technologies such as CBDC can be tested for feasibility, and at the same time ensure adequate protection and data privacy for consumers before introducing the Jamaican economy. The Central Bank of Jamaica stated that if the solution is adopted and introduced, CBDC will increase…

The decentralized protocol dForce initiates a proposal to adjust the USDx reserve component currency

The decentralized protocol dForce initiated the proposal DIP003 to adjust the USDx reserve component currency. dForce said that the current USDC market value has grown extremely fast. Taking into account many factors, including the circulating market value of component stablecoins, the number of exchanges supported, the number of DeFi agreements, and the interest market, it is proposed to adjust the composition of USDx. The specific content is that in view of the growing market value of USDC, it is proposed…

Anonymous digital currency system Loki launches DeFi asset cross-chain flash swap service Blockswap

The anonymous digital currency system Loki Network (LOKI) announced the launch of the DeFi asset cross-chain flash swap service Blockswap, which allows users to directly convert any encrypted assets in the Blockswap liquidity pool to other assets, such as converting Bitcoin to Ethereum and XMR To LOKI, USDT to Bitcoin, etc. Blockswap uses some familiar DeFi concepts (such as liquidity pools, etc.) that users are familiar with, but Loki also references some new elements, such as decentralized vault nodes and…

Kava increases the BNB mortgage limit to 1 million

The cross-chain DeFi project Kava said on Twitter that it is expected to increase the BNB mortgage limit from 750,000 to 1 million BNB at 10 o’clock tonight. The USDX minting quota will also be increased accordingly, which is expected to increase from 3 million to 4 million. The chain notes that Kava is a mortgage lending platform, BNB is the mortgage asset that the platform will support in the first phase, and USDX is the unique stable currency of…

DreamHost joins the MobileCoin Foundation and will run network nodes

DreamHost, a Los Angeles-based virtual hosting provider, announced that it has joined the MobileCoin Foundation as one of the first members, and said it will contribute resources to co-design and run the processing nodes of the MobleCoin network. Lianwen previously reported that Josh Jones, the co-founder of DreamHost and HMC INQ and a giant whale user, stated in February this year that 1547 Bitcoin and nearly 60,000 BCH were lost due to the hack of his mobile phone card.

Beijing Equity Exchange Center obtained the first batch of qualifications to carry out blockchain pilot construction

The China Securities Regulatory Commission previously issued the “Letter on Approving in Principle 5 Regional Equity Markets including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shenzhen to Carry out Blockchain Construction Work”, which agreed in principle to regional equity interests in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shenzhen. The market participates in the pilot work of blockchain construction. The Beijing Municipal Financial Supervision Bureau stated that in the next step, in accordance with the unified deployment requirements of the China Securities Regulatory Commission,…