Day: July 17, 2020

BitMax will list Solana token SOL and open SOL/USDT trading

Crypto exchange BitMax announced that it will launch the high-performance public chain Solana (SOL) on July 20th at 22:00 (Beijing time) and open SOL/USDT trading. BitMax also said that it will start activities such as completing the task to obtain 22,000 USDT airdrop and SOL trading contest rewards.

Crypto wallet provider Sylo partners with Indian exchange Bitbns to expand Indian market

Crypto wallet provider Sylo announced a partnership with Indian crypto exchange Bitbns to expand the Indian market. Sylo hopes to simplify its crypto wallet application Sylo Smart Wallet to meet the needs of the Indian market to purchase and store crypto assets. Sylo also stated that the number of registered crypto wallet applications in India increased by 500% in the second quarter. Sylo Smart Wallet is a Dapp that combines encrypted Messenger and digital wallets. It supports more than 100…

VeChain provides blockchain traceability solution for Huachenyu’s personal brand “Mars Space Station”

VeChain announced that it will cooperate with Mine APP to use blockchain technology to provide a product traceability solution for Huachenyu’s first brand Mars Space Station’s first product, BORN TO LOVE. This project is based on VeChain ToolChain, a one-stop blockchain data service platform, which introduces NFC IoT chip and blockchain encryption technology, that is, the product will be embedded with a blockchain NFC encryption chip that writes data in specific production links, giving each piece Proof of identity that… Launches Email Security Code Function for Anti-Phishing Information

The trading platform introduces a user-customizable anti-phishing email security code function designed to help users avoid the interference of phishing information. states that users can quickly and easily set personalized and recognizable security codes, and at the same time display the security code in all emails sent to users from

Bitmain publishes an internal letter to disclose details of the Jenke Group’s disruption of the company’s management order

Bitmain released “The Book to All Colleagues Again”, which revealed many specific details of the dispute between Wu Jihan and Zhan Ke. The document stated that Bitmain did not want to deny the previous contribution of the Jenck Group to the company, and to waive the position of the Jenk Group was not in personal grievance, but the choice that Bitmain Group had to make in order to continue to survive and develop. In addition, the document also stated that…

Honorary Chief Scientist of Binance Research Institute: DCEP will eventually replace cash and payment APP

Lianwen reported on the scene that at the inaugural meeting of the “Macao Industrial Blockchain Association”, Roger, the honorary chief scientist of Binance China Blockchain Research Institute, author of “Blockchain Core Algorithm Analysis”, and member of the Advisory Committee of the Macau Blockchain Industry Association Roger Wattenhofer said, “The central bank digital currency (DCEP) is better than cash, better than payment applications, and better than bitcoin. DCEP will eventually replace cash and payment apps.” In addition, it pointed out that…

Binance will launch Ethereum-compatible Binance Smart Chain mainnet with smart contract capabilities in the third quarter

Binance will launch the main network of Binance Smart Chain, which is compatible with Ethereum and has smart contract functions, in the third quarter of this year. According to the roadmap, Binance will release a new version of the testnet Millau next month. Chain News previously reported that Binance Chain (Binance Chain) has completed the Nightingale hard fork upgrade at the beginning of July. This upgrade adds support for the BEP8 token agreement and introduces a new trading venue (trading…

DeFis Network, the decentralized financial network, became the second support project of Defu Special Development Fund under Hufu

Tiger Fu announced that DeFis Network, the decentralized financial network, is the second support project of its DeFi Special Development Fund. Tiger Fu will provide 10,000 EOS for this project as liquidity support and community promotion. DeFis Network is a decentralized financial network built in the EOS ecosystem. Swap and Bank services have been launched, and it has received ecological support including Hufu Technology and Newdex. Lianwen previously reported that Tiger Fu set up a DeFi special development fund on…

Malaysian Securities Commission added 10 companies including Binance, eToro, OctaFX and others to the investor warning list

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) announced that Binance has been added to the “Investor Alert List”, which lists individuals or entities that have not complied with the Malaysian Securities Law. SC stated that Binance operated a public trading market without SC approval. The new list in the same batch also includes 9 companies including multi-asset trading platforms (stocks, commodities and crypto assets) eToro, foreign exchange broker OctaFX.

Taiwan recognizes multi-asset trading platform eToro as illegal operation in Taiwan

According to local media reports, the Taiwan Financial Management Association issued an announcement stating that the multi-asset trading platform eToro was identified as a securities and futures investment platform illegally operating in Taiwan, and called on investors not to use the platform for investment. Earlier, eToro stated that the platform had a license issued by the British Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA), but Taiwan still stated that eToro was still operating illegally in Taiwan because it had not obtained a Taiwan…