CEO of Red Date Technology: Blockchain service network BSN adopts IRITA to achieve cooperation with Cosmos ecology

He Yifan, CEO of Beijing Red Date Technology Co., Ltd., the sponsor of the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) and the deputy director of the Blockchain Network Development Alliance, said in an interview with the blockchain media Coindesk that the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) uses boundary intelligence. The alliance chain product IRITA realizes the cooperation with Cosmos ecology. Coindesk also reported that according to the unpublished technical white paper it obtained from the Blockchain Service Network (BSN), the white paper was co-written by Red Date Technology, China Mobile, China UnionPay and China National Information Center (SIC), and developers can use a single The private key deploys and manages decentralized applications (DApps) on multiple frameworks, and enables interconnection and communication between DApps. At the same time, each framework can retain its own unique functions of smart contracts and consensus mechanisms. He Yifan said, “I think 80% of users build DApps as easily as filling out forms online, and they don’t even have to write their own smart contracts, just choose one of them in the system.” Boundary Intelligence and IRISNet co-founder Harriet told Lianwen that “the support for the blockchain service network (BSN) specification has been completed before the Spring Festival, and IRITA supports both national secrets and smart contracts.”