Ethereum Classic Co-op adds three new directors, Zou Laihui, Elaine Ou and Craig Salm, to appoint new chairman

According to the news of the chain, Ethereum Classic Cooperative ETC announced that three new directors have joined the board, including Zou Laihui, Secretary General of the Ethereum Original Chain Association, Elaine Ou, Blockchain Engineer at Global Financial Access in San Francisco, and Craig Salm, Legal Director of Grayscale Investments And appointed Craig Salm as Chairman of the Board. The Ethereum Classic Cooperative also announced new governance policies and processes to enhance the cooperative’s transparency and overall mission. The new governance framework involves the ETC Coop 2020 roadmap, 2020 action targets, 2020 budget, governance manual, gift and donation policies, and whistleblowing policies. Prior to this, James Wo, former member of the board of directors of the Ethereum Classic Cooperative, announced his resignation from the board and issued a statement saying that the organization’s internal management was poor.

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