Conflux announces network and ecological release process, which will be carried out in 3 stages

According to the news of the chain, Conflux, a high-performance blockchain underlying network based on the PoW consensus protocol, announced the network and ecological release process, which consists of 3 phases. The first phase will start in mid-April. This phase focuses on the infrastructure for DeFi ecological operation. Development, including cross-chain protocol ShuttleFlow and decentralized transaction protocol BoomFlow. The second phase will introduce the community of miners to provide users in the Conflux network with more computing power and higher levels of security. The Conflux PoW mining algorithm will also be launched in the second phase. The third phase is about two months after the second phase of Conflux. By then, the main network functions of Conflux will be fully launched, and the economic model in the code will be released at the same time. The miner community can participate freely, the network will never stop running, and any technology upgrades This will be done via a hard fork. After that, the Conflux cross-chain alliance will be open to apply for the entire ecosystem. The alliance will consist of 11 seats. Initially, it will be determined by the Conflux foundation. After the entire alliance runs stably, the Conflux foundation will gradually fade out of the management role. The alliance will use DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The exchange of FC to CFX will be accepted by the foundation, and the Conflux Ecological Development Fund will be officially established, and the ecological support plan will be gradually implemented.

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