Still undecided

The Lionel Messi of Barcelona studies the balloon during the Spanish Liga Football match against the True Valladolid at Jose Zorilla Stadium on December 22 in Valladolid, Spain. Photo: VCG

Lionel Messi stayed in Barcelona in Barcelona in a long interview broadcast Sunday in which he called the Catalan giants “My life”

Talking on Spanish television Channel The sexta, Messi insisted that he was “excited” to play under coach Ronald Koeman this season despite the attempt to leave the club where he played all his senior career last summer.

He said that at the time when he felt like he “needed a change”, but his exit attempt was blocked in the middle of a pavement with an old preSponsor of Barca Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The Contract of Messi expires at the end of the season and from next month, it will be free to negotiate a counteree of Catalonia

“Barca is my life, I am in love From the club. And the city, my children were born here, “said Messi an interview earlier this month.

It’s true that I had a bad time in summer. It came from everything that happened before the summer, how the season ended, the Burofax [how MESSI communicated his desire to leave], all that.

“I wore this at the beginning of the season a bit.

I do not know what I’m going to do again, I’ll wait until the end of the season.” [123 ]
Bartomeu declined in October and a new President of Barcelona will beOn the 24th of January, after which Messi aged 33 should begin to discuss so as to prolong his career stay.

“I’m I’m good at the moment, ready to fight for everything. I feel excited,” he said.

Messi said he was Not illusions about Barca’s position, with the financial problems exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic likely to hinder the recruitment of players.

“I know that the club crosses a difficult period and that makes it all around Barcelona difficult But I am motivated, “he said.

He described the situation of Barca as” really bad “and poured cold water on the idea that Neymar could render a shock of shock in Catalonia.

“To do that, you needmoney and there is no money. Neymar would cost a lot, “said Messi

A large part of the discussion surrounding Messi’s departure focused on the possibility he could bring together with Pep Guardiola in Manchester City, although there are also has reports potentially aligning alongside Neymar in Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi won three titles of the Liga and two European Champion Leagues in his four seasons under Guardiola and were full of Praise for his former boss.

“PEP has something special. He makes you see things in a way: how he is preparing for matches, defensively, how to attack, “he said.

” He told you exactly how the match was going to be , asYou had to attack to win. “