Autopsy shows no drink, illegal drugs

A photo of the Football Legend Argentina Diego Maradona is placed in the stadium before the match between Napoli and Roma in Naples, Italy on November 29th. Photo: VCG

Argentina Diego Maradona Football Legend was suffering from liver, kidney and cardiovascular disorders, but there was no signs of alcohol or consumption of narcotics in His autopsy, the Attorney General said Wednesday

Captain winner of the World Cup of Mexico ’86, Maradona died of a heart attack on November 25 at the age of 60.

The Attorney General of San Isidro, a northern suburbs of the capital Buenos Aires, published the results of the Autopsy of Maradona late Tuesday night.

was commissioned as part of a S surveyhis death to see if there was negligence or carelessness in the health care he was provided.

At the end of his life, he suffered from various diseases, including cirrhosis, heart disease and renal failure.

The analysis of toxicology showed that there was no alcohol or stumps in his blood or urine, but Maradona took antidepressants, an anti-psychotic drug and various other Drugs to treat ulcers, convulsions, dependencies and difficulties of expulsion of waste.

Maradona had bilate from cocaine and alcohol dependencies during his life.

“What comes out of laboratory analysis is as important as what does not have, which confirms simplyT that Maradona has received psychotropic drugs, but no medicine against heart disease, “said one of the investigators the Telam news agency.

Psychiatrist Agustina Cosachovd Leopoldo Surgeon Heart Luque undergoes an investigation as they treated Maradona before his death.

A first autopsy led Maradona’s Day Moura had had suffered liquid on the lungs with acute heart failure carried by disease of the disease the muscles of the heart which makes the blood pump more difficult.

Maradona’s heart was twice the normal weight.

He had undergone an operation for a bleeding on the brain on November 3, just five days after his 60th anniversary where he briefly attended an evening in his HonneUr at the club he trained, Gimnasia y Esgrima, although he seemed to have poor health.

Maradona was widely regarded as one of the biggest footballers of all time.

He is a legend in his homeland who played a decisive role in GuinelsLD Cup Glory in 1986, and then again to the Fourth Finals Four years later.

He is also an icon in Naples was like a player he helped Napoli won the two titles only of the two titles in their history.

He had much less success as a coach, taking Argentina to the Quarterinail World Cup in South Africa in 2010 before embarking on a nomadic trip that took him to Arab emirates United and Mexico.

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