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Tottenham Hotspur Striker Harry Kane Photo: VCG

“One week,” said Harold Wilson, “

The former British Prime Minister was not even Power last time Tottenham Hotspur won the first English division at the end of the 1960-1961 season – he was still three years old at the largest office.

He would be the Prime Minister twice before the Spurs. May again win the League – and since he died in 1995, smart money is not to win a third term in the office before the SPIRs are crowned English champions for the third time. [ 123]
This possibility of the possibility of the Prime League English trophy being draped in the blue and the white of the clubNorth London for the first time in 60 years, grew up this season.

They stayed at the top of the Tabling after a trip to Crystal Palace last weekend – Draw 1-1 thanks to another goal of Harry Kane, again assisted by his heung-min – despite the Liverpool champions breathing the neck, at the points level.

Mourinho’s spurs were about to discover that much like politics, a week is long in football. They traveled to Anfield to face the Jurgen Klopp Reds on Wednesday night, then a difficult visit to the city of Leicester from Brendan Rodgers at the weekend

These games will do a lot to decide the scale of ambitions of the club title – in the eyes of their fans and the worldBroader football – but no one can deny that they are there and in the conversation this season.

It is the same thing in the so-called large leagues of Europe – Spain, Italy, Germany und France in addition to England – where the last weekend saw Toppers who have not won the title for some time.

The question on the lips of all: is it their year?
Spurs – Français Premier League

The vacuums of Jose Mourinho Spurs Spurs Side Reborn under the Portuguese coach who took over Mauricio Pochettino he has a little over a year. Kane and son have become the most murderous duo of the league and all their defensive misfortunes have disappeared under the series champion.

Spurs isAllay in recent years, never more than when they challenged the city of Leicester in the final. weeks of the 2015-16 season but as in the UEFA Champions League finals against Liverpool in 2019, they fell short.

A first English leader title will be the first time the club has been national champions since 1960-1961, when the team was the first in the 20th century to win a first division and a cup of FA double. They finished eight clear points at the top of the table, while it was two points for a victory at the time.

Although playing only 36 of the 42 games, Striker Bobby Smith scored 28 in the league, a target only the two Kane and his son could have been able to have in theURS Tourist attractions after the start of the season. He was skillfully helped by 22 goal Hitman the Allen and 15 of Winger Cliff Jones. Other names from this team to descend as Club Legends included Dave McKay and Captain Danny Blanchflower.
Genuine SIXIDAD – Spanish Liga

“La Real” has not been top of the Liga Table for a few years, they are confronted with a similar challenge that the Spurs did it in the organization of Barcelona within the mid-week before a Travel to Livante at the weekend, then hosting the favorites Atletico Madrid on Wednesday

If they can come out of this still at the top of the table while the fans of San Sebastien can start dreaming once enjoyedS of the Liga Trophy Resting in the halls of the Back League League Room in 1981 and 1982. The closest they have come from 2002. -03 when they finished runners.

A Team Young Festival of Aleksander Aleksander Isak and former Old Manchester United Boy Wonder Adnan Januzaj, more Big Club experience of Nacho Monreal, Asier Illrarandi and David Silva.

] The latter has returned to Spain this summer after a glittering spell with Manchester City and it seems that he does not wish to stop winning trophies.
When the real Sociedad won the title, they crossed Barcelona in second and real Madrid in the third. Even if the Clasico giants have struggles this year, it will not remove theJoy in the Basque Country if they can be up at the end of the season.
Lille – French League 1

The French side was the most recent champions of these clubs to finish last weekend at the top of their respective leagues, winning the title of the league in 2011, flying Marseille to the eight-point Crown

However, the seasons since 2012-2013 were dominated by Paris St-Germain – at the The unique exception of a monaco victory in 2017 – and the idea of ​​another name on the trophy had started to feel like a past thing.

They ran to the 2018-19 season, but they finished 16 points from the PSG. In fact, Lille won League 2 more than League 1.

Coach ChristopheGaltitier plays the chances of their title.

“I do not think I can fight with Paris for the title,” he said before playing Dijon within the mid-week. if the title of Lille is cutting the mustard will be clearer when they welcome Thomas Tachel’s Paris St-Germain at Stade Pierre Maurooy at the weekend.

Bayer Leverkusen – German Bundesliga

The Germans finished last season in fifth, but look at another team since the new campaign. Header Peter Bosz arrived at Bayarena in December 2018 and the form of the team. is considerably improved.

Bayer never shake their label from close to men – won for four seconds sugar finishesFast assignment between 1997 and 2002 – and are always known as “Nightkusen” in some neighborhoods. Could it be their year, where they finally become Germany champions after finishing runners five times? The newest of them was in 2010-2011 where they finished seven points behind the Champions Borussia Dortmund.

AC Milan – Italian series A

The seven European champions and 18-year-old Italian champions were not Series winners since 2011, when they launched rivals from the city inter-to the crown. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was part of this Milan side and it’s back to the San Siro this season. Everything could happen.

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