Perfect partners

His heung-min (left) and Harry Kane Photo: VCG

“With Kane and son, what Mourinho did was amazing,” said the former Striker Jermain Defoe On a recent episode of the Mennie speaks of podcast.

These two are the best partnership in world football in the minute. The most difficult thing you can do at the top level is to be consistent, so these two can show that consistency, for me is amazing.

They combined last weekend again. It was not a great goal and it was a great help, but the goal of Harry Kane for the spurs against Crystal Palace last weekend took him for the purpose of the story.

It was one more to add to the partnership whereWe provide help and the other ends with a mortal effect.

Yes, it could be argued that this goal was more of the goalkeeper’s error of the Vicente Guaita Palace rather than the firing accuracy of England Captain Kane or the quality of Korea’s assistance. South Skipper Son.

Nevertheless, the main statisticians of the Premier League have marked it as it was, a step closer to a benchmark.

“Harry Kane and his son Heung-Min now have combined 12 goals in the Premier League this season,” Opta Joe, the Twitter account of the English Premier League statistics provider, OPTA, wrote on Twitter. “Only Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton in 1994-1995 are linked for more than one season (13). Unstoppable. ”

ILS are actually unstoppable. We had only 12 games – less than a third – in the season where Kane and his son struck the 12 goal brand for the goals they have attended each other.

As one aside, what is more remarkable is that they have accurately counted half of the league 24 objectives on their direct combinations leading to a goal.

Sutton and Shearer’s were set when they played together for Blackburn Rovers of the winning season of the Earwood Park’s first English league of 1994-1995.

They combined 13 goals – 56 goals between them for the season – for Kenny Dalglish rovers as they cut Manchester United for the title. It should also be noted that it was backin the period of 42 games.

Unfortunately for some, their 13 remain the reference, despite so many seasons and strike partnerships in the middle years. Kane and son can finally raise the bar?

Of course, they flows dd have already done them when they traveled to Anfield at the Midweek to visit the Liverpool champions. Kane and his son may have seen him as a chance to reveal beyond doubt that they are the most murderer duo of football.

Once they have Shearer and Sutton – or the SAS as they were known – surpassed with the son and Kane can drive another disk.

The elephant in the room is the long-standing total of Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, the most murderous duo in the history of the first oneAGUE.

The pair of Chelsea combined for 36 goals between them during their time together at the Stamford Bridge. Kane and son are only four behind them, having already composed 12 games of 12 games this season.

In the weeks since the first league started in August, they spent some of the knots in the English history of football.

The newest skipper was with their eleventh combination of the season, which came – with the 10th – in the North Derby of London against the local rivals Arsenal.

tackled that they had crossed Arsenal Legends Thierry Henry and Robert Pires on 29 goals, as well as the Duo Manchester City David David Silva and Sergio Aguero on the same number.

They had alreadyTo beat the best by an old pair of spurs – the 27 of Darren Anderton and Teddy Sheringham.

The registration of the Lampard-Drogba is there to be broken and the current spursful rigs look like players to do it.

Kane deposited eight goals for son this season, with the former Man Bayer Leverkusen and Hamburg who came back four times from the league.

Shocyclone, given the low returns of the record number of goals marked directly between the strike partners, it is not already a new benchmark.

Stan Colmore de Liverpool has managed new for Robbie Fowler in 1995-1996, while Mike Newell did the same go to Shearer at Blackburn Rovers before being forced to get out of the team pAR NEW SIGNTING SUTTON

again, these figures have been completed during a complete season and this is early in the 2020-21 campaign.

Surely, Kane and his son are better than between them, not that it matches and helps.

Here are the notable combinations of the Premier League, who scored 10 goals or more between them – although the names could be a bit surprising. Ryan Fraser & Callum Wilson, Bournemouth (2018-19, 12 goals)

Scotland Winger Fraser and England Striker Wilson established A new record for a season of 38 games to play for cherries. Their 12th combination was Wilson’s leveler in a 3-3 draw with Southampton in his antepénultimate gameFrom the season, but they could not add 13th in one or other of their last two games. Newcastle United has signed the two players this summer after Bournemouth has been relegated The Ferdinand and Kevin Gallen, QPR (1994-1995, 11 goals)


] The International Ferdinand England would be the 11th best scorer of the first story of the Premier League, while Gallen would always remember the Loftus road where he had two spells on A career that descended the leagues. It was in a season of 42 games.

Mike Newell & Alan Shearer, Blackburn (1995-1996, 11 goals

] Recording before Wilson and Fraser fix themselves, hehad to involve the best scorer of the league league, Shearer. The pair wore 11 goals that Blackburn failed to keep the title. In particular, Shearer configures only his typing partner twice.

Stan Collymore & Robbie Fowler, Liverpool (1995-1996, 11 goals

  • Another unbalanced partnership, Fowler scored Nine years and set up two for Collymore and the one who ended without winning the Premier League. Son and Kane will not want to reproduce the trophyless aspect of their partnership.

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