The Pogba problem

Paul Pogba Photo: VCG

“There is no utility to ignore it”, were the words of Paul Pogba Mino Raiola’s agent earlier in the week. “I can say it’s over for Paul Pogba in Manchester United.”

The Dutch-Italian Portry may well be the elephant in the room, but when it is not sure that its customers are neither more than pogba prolonged pandagering away from Manchester United.

As with the criticism of the French representations on the ground for a record of the world, his timing could not have been worse.

All Pogba had just had his first decent match for a while, marking the first Saturday night victory on West Ham United. Second, Nettoté had the little AffaireRe of a match against Rb Leipzig Tuesday, requiring a point of progressing in the Knockouts of the Champions League.

Raioa does not have any. Time, he says, is just for Pogba to leave.

“It’s better to speak honestly, look in the future and not waste time to blame people,” said Super-Agent Italian Tuttosport. “Paul is unfortunate in Manchester United, he can no longer speak as he wants or in the way we expected.

He has a contract that will expire in a year and a half, in the The summer of 2022, but I believe that the best solution for the parties is to sell it at the next market. Otherwise, the Old Trafford Club, with which relationships are excellent, knows that they could lose it on aFree transfer, since for the moment, it is not the intention of the player to extend the contract.

“If people do not get it, they know very little football. In any case, they will blame me all if Paul leaves next summer. ”

Pogba had been problematic for the previous Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho and did no bone on his desire to leave the club earlier in the year.

In October, Pogba talked about his desire to play for the true Madrid, describing the move as a “dream.” Solskjaer dropped that and suggested that the player would discover his contract at Old Trafford.

The fact is that he had trouble nailing a starting room this season because he found himself from Covid-19 and he lacked a lot of theLast Aison with an ankle issue that caused a division between the club’s medical staff and the own PGBA advisers. This goal against West’s ham was at first of the season, and it only started five games in the first English League
the winning midfielder of the 2018 World Cup marked its second of the Season Tuesday But it was left out of the starting side, although Solskjaer pointed out that it was nothing to do with Raiola’s comments.

This objective was also worthless at the end, the second of United as they did not manage to reaffirm the 3-0 German hosts. Goodye Champions League, Hello Europa League.
Should we also be goodbye to Pogba? You can understand that one cheekUr of its reputation does not want to play the Europa League every year, while the chances of the Premier League Trophy return to Old Trafford for the first time since 2013.e the earliest.

But should they want to keep it?

No is the firm conviction of the former Defender of Liverpool and England became punished Jamie Carragher.

“Get rid of it. Said that for 12 months,” he said on football from Sky Sports’ Monday night, speaking after Raioa’s comments.

“Oh my God, he’s the most overestimated player I saw in my life.”

Carragh pointed the finger on the player and the agent.

“I think both of them are a shame,” he said. “We will examine all the agent maintote, and say “ask Pogba what he thinks.”

“The agents nowadays are not just agents, they are a parent, the best friend, the financial advisor, the financial advisor, the financial advisor They reserve holidays; they go together together. “

He will be the best companion of Pogba,” says Carragh like closses fingers to indicate their proximity. “So, Pogba will be well aware of what would come out from his mouth. And if he was not, he should know his agent. “

Old Manchester United Fullback Gary Neville, who is located at the side of Carragh the studio was similar on Twitter.

“However, Paul knew he was doing this announcement? If he did not know, we should see a quote from him very quickly correct his agent, “He wrote.

“Finally, to do it in front of Leipzig and that the man’s derby is terrible timing for the team.”

UNITED’s must-win game in Germany was lost and they go to Manchester’s derby on Saturday nights going to another crisis. These are not all of the manufacture of Pogba and Raiola, but they certainly have not helped things.

There is an irony to the city being the next opposition of United while dealing with more Raioa Fallout, however.

The agent had called the boss of the city Pep Guardiola a “coward” and a “dog” but always offered Pogba at United Manchester Rivals in 2018.

“We do not have do not have money enough money to buy pogba because it’s so expensive, a declaré Guardiola of the offer. “I’m surprised because I’m a dog. He wants his players come here. So, no. No way.”

United was burned before Pogba and Raiola. Manchester United Youth Perspective left Juventus soon after the agent’s signature, which patrona Alex Ferguson describes as a “S ** tbag”.

The first meeting of Ferguson with Raiola was a “fiasco” – “from there, our goose was cooked. He [Raiola] and I were like Like Oil and Water,” wrote Ferguson.

So where can he Pogba?

There are only two clubs better than the United Man, and it’s Barcelona and Real Madrid, “Carragh said.

” For better, I mean that the players that you can understand. Then [cRistiano] Ronaldo goes from Manchester United at Real Madrid. Everyone sees Barcelona and Real Madrid as a clinic football pinnacle.

There is no chance in the world of True Madrid or Barcelona will buy it. I will be penetrating if they will come for him. “

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