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The coach of Germany Joachim Loew examines during a training session on 16 November in Seville, Spain. Photo: VCG

Joachim Loew will remain in charge of Germany for the delayed European championship next year, despite a series of recent mediocre results, the German Football Federation (DFB) announced Monday
“In a teleconference, the DFB Presidential Board of Directors has unanimously accepted the direction of Germany Coach Joachim Loef unequivocally in his efforts to rebuild the national team, which continued since March since March 2019, “said DFB in a statement, following a meeting with LOEW and the best officials of the Federation.

Loew, 60, abeen in charge of the German team since the recovery of Jurgen Klinsmann after the 2006 World Cup.

He has led to a fourth world title, and first since reunification, in Brazil in 2014, when The Germans have defeated the Argentina of Lionel Messi in the final.

The German players react during their loss of 6-0 in Spain on November 17 in Seville, Spain. Photo: IC

However, Germany is in crisis following a 6-0 defeat in Spain on 17 November and recent draws with Switzerland, twice and Turkey

] The recent hammering of Spain, Germany the highest loss of 89, capped with a bad triennial spell, which included an embarrassing group scene exit at the Cup of the2018 world in Russia, after which the DFB has given their support.

Loew made controversial decisions. Since the debacle in Russia, nothing more than the one who puts an end to the international career of the winners of the Thomas Mueller World Cup, Jerome Boateng and Hummel Carpet.

The Presidential Committee of 14 members of the DFB was first due to Friday to determine LOEW’s destiny (123]
However, the Group made its decision, following the “Committee’s Recommendation presidential and national teams and director of the Oliver Bierhoff Academy, “added the DFB.

The DFB Presidential Council agreed that key sport targets have already been obtained in the race. The European Championship in 2021, “La Decomation read.

These include qualifications for the tournament, remaining in the League of the League of Nations and be placed in the first pot for the qualification of the World Cup.

” Following this, Joachim Loew will continue to receive the support of the Nitial Dfbboard Presidency. “

LOEW Talks crisis holding with DFB President Fritz Keller in Munich earlier this month, after the worst loss of Germany since a respectful defeat of Germany by Austria in 1931. [ 123]
In a survey commissioned by the AFP SID subsidiary after the humiliation of Seville, 84% of 1,100 German fans asked Wank Loew and Bierhoff to set aside.

Liverpool Coach Jurgen. Klopp and Bayern Munich Boss Hansi Flick, Loe Assistant Coachw at the 2014 World Cup, the candidates were the candidates that German fans wanted to see shooting.

However, the main decision-makers of the DFB were reassured by the height of Loew’s to always have the right man to lead the team.

“During the meeting, the immovable monks informed the members present on his assessments, his ideas and plans for the future,” the DFB C (123] declaration
123] The members of the presidential commission concluded that the most important aspects are high quality work on the part of coaching staff, the relationship between the team and the coach and a clear overview of the current and plan. FUTURE ACTION.

He hasAdded: “The performance of the national team and the coach can not and should not be judged on the back of a single game. “Attention now turns to continuous preparations for the next year for the European Championship. Despite a difficult situation for all, he is convinced that Joachim Loew and his coaching team will offer positive results.
While Loew is under contract until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, his position could come back to the euros, which were deferred from a year because of the coronavir pandemic.

Germany was drawn in a difficult group at the final with the Defense Champions of Portugal, World Cup holders in France and Hungary

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