Silverware for spurs?

If the spurs winning the league seem far away, it’s not just because it is November and the season is not finnu before the month of May.

The last time Tottenham Hotspur had champions of England was back in 1961 and while they arrived very well at the time, it does not fill the cabinet trophy.

Mourinho celebrated his first-year anniversary since the jobs in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in front of Manchester Citchen Citchen Weekend victory, their handlebars in front of Chelsea meeting meeting this week-end.

His arrival was taken on the camera for the Amazon Prime documentary spurs: All or nothing – and the fans emphasized one of his first conversations in yourthat key to the club of growing titles.

“I think you have a very good relationship with Mauricio [Pochettino, predecessor of Mourinho at the club], I like Mourinho told Spurs Striker Harry Harry Kane, a player he called His office before others. “I always think, good relations with the previous manager. . Why not me?

“I saw you train yesterday and I have no doubt that you are a leader. It’s my feeling. The world looks at English football with incredible respect but they think Always that football cinema stars belongs to other places.

“We must also build your status in this direction. My profile, I’m a bit like a coach. My dimenSion is universal and with me, I think I can help you … [makes a gesture of explosion].

What I do not accept, because it’s my nature, it is to be here as a gain nothing. But I feel that we can because of you.

“You have better players I had in Manchester United. The club has a lot [of potential] to explode.”

They exploded like that in Kane. The skipper of England has been remarkable under Mourinho – contributing to 45 goals in 34 games.

The former striker Spurs Peter Crouch was impressed by Kane’s form, although he was not willing to say that Tottenham can win the title.

“Let’s not yet be carried away,” Crouch said told a partisan of the SPIRs in a sessionDaily Q & A.

“We had only nine games and I would not want to start making judgments of cutaneous eruptions. Nothing has changed his opinion that Liverpool is the team at Beat and I’m comfortable with my preassembly that the Jurgen Klopp team will keep the Tinous see the confidence that crosses the team.

“When Jose Mourinho has been appointed there are 12 month, I wrote a column on his first press conference. It looked like me as if he had his flamboyant and that he was happy once again. Gradually, he resulted in results.

“Mourinho added his own players and the thing that prints most is the appetite they have to work.

“Harry Kane is in an incredible form – the PLUS great compliment I can pay is that he is actually two players at once – but he does not stop running.

“I would not be ready to tellTottenham will win the league at this point, but they absolutely have the right to dream. It’s a crazy season in which everything could happen – if someone different is going on Winning, why should not Tottenham think it’s them? “

Spurs Keeper Hugo Lloris suggests that players bought in Mourinho.

“I’m lucky to be able to be coached by Jose Mourinho,” said Lloris in the international break in front of his France team playing in Native Portugal of Mourinho

“I do not Do not need to introduce him; he is one of the greatest coaches of recent years.

He has this culture to win, and that’s what he tries to establish Tottenham who need trophies.

“We try to move forward together and create something in order to achieve these goals ..

While the Spurs squad resemble new players under Mourinho, the coach returns In his former myself according to the former Manchester United and France back Patrice Evra.

“But what I like that Mourinho’s back,” said Evra. “He never left. But I mean his personality.

“Before he was just grumpy, but now he’s back to be funny.”

Mourinho certainly had a glow in his eye earlier in the season when we asked him if Spurs could win the league after youYou West Bromwich Albion 1-0 thanks to a late kane goal.

“I would say that this team could be champion in many European countries,” he said

“You can do a good season, can have a lot of points and the End. Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man United, Leicester, Arsenal. So you can have an OD alarm and not to be champion.

Others are more confident than in public.

He found a way with the group of players he has, “former director of spurs and midfielder Tim Sherwood told Talksport.

” Jose suffered a brainwashing of His players believe that they have to work to reach something – they need to win trophies, this group of players.

“When you also play they do it, he almost washed them the brain to believe.

” And why do not you believe it in him? He won 20 major trophies of his career and you earn football matches, then you start to believe that this guy is the real deal, he knows what he’s talking about and why can not we win the League?

“They did not play fantastically this season, but who cares? On the back of my moidal it does not say,” Oh, and by the way we did not play well During 24 games. “

” You will pick him up at the end of the season, and that’s all! “

We will see what spur picks up at the end of the season and if Mourinho’s message on the stimulant was different from the doorsIn camera in the next season of all or nothing.

The big question is that ends with spur as champions?

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