Man or Superman?

When AC Milan plays Fiorentina this weekend, he will miss Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Most teams would not fail 39 years old, but again, Swedish striker is not your ordinary 39 years -laold.

At an age when most footballers have been retired for a long time or have moved away from the largest European leagues, Zlatan did the opposite, sounding to a second visit to San Siro in summer. [123
He took advantage of an Indian summer since, as the two goals proved in a 2-1 win on the title Rivals Napoli last weekend, his ninth and 10th goals in six series of series of this season. It made him the first player aged 38 or older to score 10 goals in a season five top five in a sAison. His six games will be hard to beat.

The attacker will fail Fiorentina and the next few weeks after being injured injured.

I do not have much information, he had ice on his thigh and we’ll see in the next days what the tests say, “AC Milan Assistant Coach Daniele Bonera told Sky Sports after The match. “He is not someone who usually comes from the ground.”

It’s not.

Zlatan’s performance has not been lost on his former Teammate Gennaro Gattuso in the Napoli Pirogue.

“Milan firmly believes at Ibra, they believe 100% in what they do,” says Gattuso said to Sky Sport Italia after defeat. ” It seems that I think even more than 10, 12 years ago.

They put the crosses because they know he will get at the end of them. What we did today was to create a lot of chances and do not believe in them fully.

Zlatan Crroix himself more than anyone, of course, as proved when he was injured in Manchester United.

“I’m going to go through this like everything else and come back even stronger,” he said at the time of the injury, who came to the Europa League district against Anderlecht in 2016 .

“So far, I played with one leg so that it should not be a problem. One thing is certain, I decide when it’s time to stop and nothing of Other. Abandoning is not an option. See you soon.

This has been described as a “Injury Menaçcareer ant “for normal footballers, not zlatan who was as good as her word.

He left Manchester United but went to Los Angeles to play for the galaxy and proved to be the biggest star of Tinseltown with 53 goals in just 58 games.

His collected doctors’ doctors.

“His knee is so strong that the doctors said had never seen anything such,” Declared the agent of Zlatan, Mino Raiola, said in an interview with the Swedish Expresssen newspaper.

] “He has a knee he is almost impossible for a football player with a career 20 years old. It was pretty clean, there was no harm in that.

“Zlatan is so strong that the doctor wants the return after his careerChe on him. They work on the best research institutions in the world for knees and ligaments.

They seek a lot on the subject and that’s why they are better than all others, and doctors want Back Zlatan to research him.

“So after the Zlatan career, we will open it again to research his ligaments.”

Manou Superman? It’s hard to know, but what’s safe is that Zlatan is the poster of a Peter Pan footballers’ poster that refuse to age.

I’m like Benjamin Button, I’ve always been young, ever old, “said Milan TV earlier this season.

He was named Series a player of the month of October , an exploit reIt was all the more remarkable that it was coming back from the contraction of the coronavirus novel in September.

I hope I can continue to go like that with the strength to score, because at the end of the game, I’m tired, right? Because they say that I am old but I’m enough to heat up, “he continued.

“I played in Italy for seven years and, as a drier, I know you do not have a lot of chances to score. So when you do, you have to do the Plus’ Between themselves and score. “

The new football manager game, published last week, still believes in Zlatan. It is one of the four players only to have four up to 20 characters among their attributes. especially others are all OAPs in terMy football: Lionel Messi 33, Cristiano Ronaldo, 35 years old, Fabio Quaglierella, 37 years old.

Ronaldo has been a revelation since the release of Madrid from Juventus. A statistic this week has shown that the attacker scored 29 of the 59 goals of Juve at 59 goals in 2020 – the highest portion of any player to play the 2019-20120 and 2020-21 seasons
[123 ] There are other aging stars who refuse to abandon the time calls. Luis Suarez has been on fire since the fire from Atletico Madrid, Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos are still essential to Real Madrid Etjames Milner is the Go-to Destinated Man in Jurgen Klopp in Liverpool in a number of positions .

None of them are 39, however.

ZlatYear has fans in some of the best to play game, including the former Roma attacker Francesco Totti who played in series A until he had 40.

“Zlatan could play on One leg. He could go until it’s 50 at this level, “said Totti at the launch of Sinisa Mihailovic’s autobiography this month.

“Seeing you play is a pleasure,” said Totti to Zlatan during the event. “The physical force, the technique, the players that people never expect. I’m proud to see you again on the ground.”

It is certain to come back again on the height earlier than later.

whispering it, but if it keeps this early form of the season, not only will it restore Milanau Summit of Football ItalIEN and the domination of the final Juven for the last decade, but it will surely be a golden boot.

Who would bet against a 40-year-old gold balloon?

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