Hollywood ball

Much attention in recent weeks were shiny on the owners of the non-league AFC Wrexham, Hollywood Stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelhenney.
Hollywood goes to North Wales – Wrexham Play in the English pyramid despite the closure of the border – is a beautiful story, of course, but it is in no way the only case where the stars are in the stands rather than in the field.

Los Angeles FC
A team based in Los Angeles could expect to be supported by some of the city’s celebrities and the new Block children do not disappoint in this regard.

The actor will do Ferrell, there are a number of celebrity backers involved in the rivals in El Trafico rivalS La Galaxy, with Ferrell climbing on board when they were founded in 2016.

They understand the former Winner of the FIFA Women’s World Cup and Olympic gold medalist MIA Hamm and royalty of the royalty of Basketball Magic Johnson, the former Lakers star who was a key member of the US Basketball Dream Team who won Gold at Barcelona Games in 1992. [123 ]
The Gold of the Council has not been accompanied by silverware in the club trophy in the brief history of the CAFC since the MLS membership in 2018.

Forest Green Rovers Arsenal Fullback Hector Bellerin purchased a participation in the Ecological Football Club earlier this year. The club wentFully vegan in 2015 and became carbon neutral two years later.

“The Green Forest show the other way,” Bellerin said on his membership. “So many people feel that there is no solution to the problems of the world, but the green forests are already very much.

] International Song Superstar Elton John resumes in Vicarage Road 1976 and installed Graham Taylor in the canoe, a movie who saw the club climb the divisions. Inside three years, they found in the high flight and pass pre-sap visits to China – where Elton would seerenize the players. He stayed in 1987 but remained president until 2002. He remains president.

] Inter Miami

David Beckham is undoubtedly the most famous footballer of the planet, dspite hanging up his boots in 2013, but he is also a celebrity of good faith , with approval offers and a business portfolio that any Hollywood star would be happy to have. Lecôté made his debut MLS this season.

Beckham was a latecomer at the English league league, where he joined his former Manchester United teammates Gary and Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Ryan Giggs as co-owners, as well as with a Singaporean businessman, Peter Lim. Salford has increased non-league football under their stewardship and owners have capitalized onTheir own reputations in the subject of a series of documentaries called the class of ’92: out of their league, which began in 2015.



NBA icon Lebron James shares his mark in the actions of the first English league when Fenway Sports Group came to his endorsement. He received a number of participation in the club in 2011 and raised in value at least six times during the ninth year since.

“It has been a thrill to look at a historic club to turn back again and be part of all this,” his trading partner Maverick Carter told ESPN in 2018. “Lebron loves the fact that it is diversified in another global sport. “

James, who has often been imagined bearing Liverpool jerseys since the club signed with its own Nike sponsor in August, has been a success unparalleled in its time with the outfit of Anfield. Liverpool won his first English First League title – and 19th National Crown – Sub-Jurgen Klopp Season, coming to the back of the UEFA Victory Champions League The more scary campaign ] James has celebrated historical title Premier League of the United States, unable to travel because the pandemic of Covid-19 saw the closed season behind closed doors.

“Premier League Champions, let’s go,” he wrote on Twitter.

South Shields FC

Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix invested in the side ofThe non-league of his hometown earlier this month, becoming an honorary president of a club that seeks to become fans.

The Diplo music producer was among the first investors of what was the Arizona United in 2014 . They have tasted on behalf of their name and brought more Star Power into the player and co-owner Didier Drogba in 2017.


The team may not play their first match until 2021 but Texles years have one of the most famous sons of the state on the board of directors: Matthew McConaughey.

“We have just received our [General Manager], we broke the ground, we have our upcoming stadium, we atRons 22,000, we will start looking for players now, “said McConaughey told reporters last December. “So, football arrives in Austin, Texas.”

Norwich City

The British television leader Delia Smith was long owned by the Canaries, investing at the Carrow Road with her husband at mid-90s and Totally taking the death of former President Geoffrey Watling in 2004.

A year later, Smith made his most infamous contribution by appealing fans on the side of relegation threatened at half-time in a home match against Manchester City which February
“A message for the best football supporters in the world: we need to’a 12th man here. Where are you? Where are you? Let’s be “avin”! Go! “The Canaries were beaten 3-2.

    Hollywood Star Hugh Jackman revealed that he approached the investigating in the team he claims to suppress and regret not investing. [123 ]

  • Sometimes I make big mistakes, “said BBC Radio 5 in 2011.

” I have a letter about a year ago, “being such a big fan of Norwich City would do -I a celebrity investor? “, Like a small owner of the game.” “People tell me about these sub-red stories in Hollywood,” It never happens in real life ” But Hey, Norwich City is in Prime Minister League, “Jackman continued. The club is currently in the championship after being relegated to last flightlast season. Related articles: Hartlepool at Deadpool