Victims of the Maker liquidation incident propose a class action lawsuit, claiming more than $ 28 million

A document obtained by the blockchain media, The Block, shows that the Maker liquidation victim is proposing a class action lawsuit that will seek more than $ 28 million in claims from the Maker Foundation and its members. The lawsuit may be later. Filed with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The lawsuit alleges that the Maker Foundation failed to protect the interests of investors, causing some investors to lose all collateral during the black Thursday market sell-off. The plaintiff in this lawsuit was Peter Johnson, an early investor in ETH, who said he “became a CDP holder in November 2018.” He is currently seeking compensation in the amount of approximately US $ 28.3 million for three claims. Once approved by the court, the plaintiff has a “possible” role as a class representative, and the case will be transformed into a class action. Since the incident on March 12, the MakerDAO forum has held extensive discussions on whether compensation should be paid to holders of liquidation vaults. The on-chain poll concluded on Monday also revealed that about 65% of MKR holders voted to compensate, but the details of the compensation plan have yet to be determined.