DeFi Market Cap DeFi Market Cap is online, developed by the Zerion team

DeFi Market Cap List DeFi Market Cap website is online, developed by the one-stop DeFi application Zerion team. The site brings together the value of all DeFi application tokens, such as Maker’s token MKR and 0x’s token ZRX, as well as the value stored in each agreement, such as the total value of the tokens stored in each fund pool of Uniswap and the Compound agreement The total value of cDAI issued by China Mortgage. Zerion founder Evgeny Yurtaev said that after DeFi ecological growth, it is meaningful to compare the total locked value (TVL), so I hope there are ways to compare the strategies in CHAI, cDAI, aDAI, and cUSDC capital pools or TokenSets, “but we do n’t have I found any suitable tool, so we developed one ourselves. “The website shows that the total market value of the network in the DeFi market is currently $ 986 million.