OKLink: Uniswap’s transaction volume dropped by about 75% from the high in early September

According to OKLink data from OKLink, Uniswap’s transaction volume has shown a gradual decline since September 1. Uniswap’s trading volume continued to fall after reaching a historical high of US$950 million on September 1, with an average daily trading volume of approximately US$237 million in the past seven days. Over the same period, Uniswap’s lock-up volume has continued to grow. The current Uniswap lock-up volume is approximately US$3 billion, an increase of 53.8% from the US$1.95 billion on September 1. The total amount of Ethereum and WBTC locked in Uniswap has reached US$1.75 billion, occupying the top two positions in Uniswap’s locked position.