Japanese social communication giant LINE launches blockchain development platform and digital wallet BITMAX

LVC Corporation, a subsidiary of Japanese social communication giant LINE, announced the launch of the blockchain-based service development platform LINE Blockchain Developers and the BITMAX wallet service for managing digital assets. LINE Blockchain Developers provides developers with a simple and efficient way to build blockchain services based on LINE Blockchain, and at the same time can use token economy to add to existing services. With this platform, companies and developers can focus on other aspects such as improving user experience and services, rather than blockchain and security technologies. As noted by the chain, LINE established the LINE Blockchain Lab team in April 2018, dedicated to developing DApps and researching distributed systems and encryption technologies based on P2P networks. The team has carried out multiple projects within LINE, including the development of LINE Blockchain (previously known as LINK Chain) and the issuance of encrypted assets LINK, and the launch of crypto exchanges BITMAX and BITFRONT. In addition, an ecosystem based on LINE Blockchain has also been established.