China UnionPay recruits 6 post-doctoral talents in the field of blockchain and digital currency

China UnionPay Postdoctoral Workstation and Fintech Research Center openly recruit a number of postdoctoral fellows at home and abroad, and plans to recruit 5 people in the blockchain and digital currency fields of financial technology. Research topics include conducting research and research on underlying technologies in the blockchain field, as well as related theoretical research and technical verification in the field of digital currency. Specifically, it is subdivided into 2 research directions: 1. Carrying out the research, development and application of blockchain consensus algorithms, encryption algorithms, privacy and other technologies, as well as the research, design and implementation of distributed network architecture; 2. Carrying out legal digital currency Theoretical research, as well as the prototype development of legal digital currency and the technical verification of the circulation link. In addition, one person will be recruited in the field of digital currency development prospects and application research in the strategic research category. The research topic is to participate in the basic research of digital currency, and as a team member to jointly build UnionPay’s digital currency development strategy, including network architecture, clearing and settlement system, business cooperation, etc., and related patent layouts. According to the chain, the postdoctoral workstation of China UnionPay was established in 2013 with the approval of the National Postdoctoral Management Committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The Financial Technology Research Center is a financial research and research institution initiated by the People’s Bank of China and established by the National Engineering Laboratory of E-commerce and Electronic Payment.