London listed mining company Argo Blockchain purchases 750 ant mining machines Z11, optimistic about the prospect of Equihash algorithm cryptocurrency

London-listed mining company Argo Blockchain announced that it will purchase 750 new ant mining machines Z11 at a price of $474,000 to supplement the company’s existing 1,000 Z11 mining machines, and another 750 units will be put into production immediately upon acquisition, which is currently full Load operation. The company stated that the reason for choosing the Z11 ant miner over the newer Z15 model is that the Z11 is cheaper and more valuable. The company is optimistic about the prospect of the Equihash algorithm cryptocurrency and the excellent performance of the company’s existing ant miner Z11. Argo Blockchain said that based on the current mining difficulty and cryptocurrency price calculations, it is expected that the investment cost will be recovered within about 8 months.