Indian ports will use CargoX’s blockchain platform to digitize trade documents

CargoX, headquartered in Slovenia, announced that its blockchain file transfer platform BDT has passed the Indian Port Community System (PCS) test on the transfer of electronic bills of lading. CargoX said that India is working on the digital processing of all trade documents, and this move has become more important because of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. The Indian government began to evaluate the methods of implementing electronic bills of lading, electronic delivery notes, certificates of origin, letters of credit and other trade documents in all import and export transactions in India. Some shipping stakeholders in India successfully tested the BDT platform. Portall Infosystems, the company that develops PCS, has operated the platform with 16,000 companies in 13 major ports and 19 ports in India. CargoX’s cooperation with PCS will enable stakeholders to electronically manage bills of lading and other shipping documents, thereby reducing time and cost in the process.