Messi and Ronaldo continue to skyrocket

Cristiano Ronaldo (left) of Juventus is put under pressure from Lionel Messi of Barcelona on December 8 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Photo: VCG

Messi, Ronaldo. Ronaldo, Messi. The names go hand in hand, and they have done for so long.

Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich may have broken their duopole on the best men’s player at FIFA awards this year, but the dynamic duet can not be touched.

Lewandowski admitted so much.

“Messi and Ronaldo have been sitting at the same table, at the top, for a very long time, and that makes them incomparable,” the Polish striker told Football de France.

“That said, if you take the numbers for this year and even the previous ones, I think I’m pretty good in terms ofPerformance and objectives noted.

“Do not be in the same table as Messi and Ronaldo, I think I can invite them to eat at mine!”

This year could have seen Lewandowski wins the ball of or That he was preferred, in front of Ronaldo and Messi, but the price was not given because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

It does not matter if they were missing from the strange gold balloon – They won 11 – whether it’s a year, one the season or simply a match, the pair seems to break records every week.

as busy as never [123 ]
In recent weeks, statisticians have been also busy. As always.

Ronaldo has made hundreds of appearance for Juve and marked his 79th goal.Added to his aid using Bianconeri, he has a remarkable contributions of objectives in his first century of appearance.

At the same time, Messi had his contribution of 900 waters in a barcelona shirt. It was prevented for the club, in which he accumulated 644 goals and 258 assists.

Last week, two games later, Messi added another step on his career path, equal to equalizing and then exceeding the pele record of most of the goals for a club.

The Great Brazilian scored 643 goals for Santos. Perhaps even greater Argentina corresponded to that of a goal against Valencia, heading in a cross after his sentence.

It does not mark a lot with his head – it was hisFirst header at the Liga since March 2017.

After marking the true Valladolid in the middle of the week, one-third of a 3-0 victory that saw Messi at his best, Messi counts now 644 goals.

Train Barcelona and England Striker Gary Lineker was quick to congratulate Messi

“Messi scored his 644th goal for Barcelona. He beaten the record of most goals marked in a Only club. It’s a record that no one thought that no one thought would never beat, “wrote Lineker on Twitter.

He was quick to put the MESSI realization in his context.

“Beat 644 goals from Messi, someone will have to mark an average of 43 goals a season for 15 years … for a club,” he wrote.

A Twitter user came back to say that the Ronaldo record of 450 goals of only nine seasons at Real Madrid was better but missing the point

We are certainly beyond the point where it is worth The trouble of debating that is the best of both, as if it even.

The question is really anyone as good as they?

Some players had the opportunity to play with both, with the recent Juventus Signing Arthur explaining the similarities and differences between Messi and Ronaldo.

“These are champions above all,” said Arthur in the Spanish newspaper as sooner this season.

“In this case, Messi and Ronaldo are identical. Concentrated toUT at the end, always

If they score three goals, they immediately think of the fourth. They never disconnect. It’s impressive and motivating at the same time because they push you to do your best.

In relation to Messi, Ronaldo is moreover and is more accessible. He never receives whether there is a teammate in need and inspires a fierce determination.

Miralem Pjanic exchanged Juventus in Barcelona in the same case that took Arthur in Turin. He had his own grip on Messi and Ronaldo

“With the passage of time, we will be more able to assess what these two have done over the last 20 years, they are incredible,” said Pjanic in an interview with the Spanish football chain YOUTUBe Mundo Maldini.

“As a person and player, Ronaldo is spectacular. He is an authentic athlete who takes care of the details.

” Messi is a stranger, he is an absolute phenomenon, able to do anything with the ball. I see it very concentrated and centered on Barca and we must help it in its game.

They met recently when Juventus gets Did you play Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, Spirit of the photos of the pair on the same step splashed on the internet and the back pages of the papers.

“Always ideal to return to Spain and Catalunya, always difficult to play in the Nou camp against one of the best teams I have ever faced … PlayLike that, we have nothing to fear until the end of the season, “Ronaldo wrote on Twitter after a victory where he scored two goals.

They were his first against Barcelona in the competition, in his sixth match against them. These two always find a new ground to break, in that they can not be split.

Only Messi and Ronaldo know what it is to play at the same time where the other Challenger of the world’s largest footballer has been a direct rival.

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